Poetry Sundays on WCAI – Call for Submissions



Cape Cod’s NPR affiliate, WCAI, will be featuring readings by local poets on their radio station on Sunday mornings beginning in December. By ‘local’, they mean anywhere in their listening area (Cape, Islands, Southcoast – even RI if you can still catch them on the dial).

I’d like to encourage you all to submit your work for consideration – and to please share this call for poems with your own communities of writers. They are looking to feature a diverse representation of poets – different styles of poetry, different subjects or areas of focus, beginning poets as well as poets who are more experienced, etc. There are no formal education or past publication requirements or restrictions, just send them your work. Poets of color, bilingual poets, and poets with disabilities are especially encouraged to send in work!
One thing I really like about this submission process is that they are asking poets to send both text & audio (see below). Poems operate on so many different levels; this gives the advisory panel and the folks from the station a chance to consider poems with that in mind.
Here’s the information from the WCAI website – visit http://capeandislands.org/topic/poetry-sundays to learn more.
Poetry Sundays
Each Sunday morning WCAI features a different local poet.

The Cape and Islands region has long provided inspiration to artists. Now WCAI is giving poetry a place in its weekly line-up. Every Sunday morning during Weekend Edition the work of a different local poet will be featured. Join us at 8:44am for Poetry Sundays, beginning in December.

Want to submit your poetry to WCAI? Here’s how.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Poems for this upcoming round may only be submitted between September 1 – October 1, 2015. Poets will be notified in November if their poem is accepted or not. (Note from Maggie – if your poem isn’t selected the first time around, there will be another call for submissions in the winter.)
  • Poems must be less than 2 minutes when read aloud.
  • Please email 3 poems, a brief bio or personal statement (100 words or less), and contact information including name, address, and telephone number, to:poetry@capeandislands.org
  • Call our poetry line and read one of your poems as a recorded message. Remember, it must be less than 2 minutes – time yourself beforehand, please, to ensure it meets the time criteria. (Don’t worry: this is not what will go on air! This is just so you have a chance to convey your poetry in your own voice. Mistakes aren’t a problem.) The phone number is:(508) 731-IAMB  (that’s 508 731-4262).

Additional Guidelines:

  • No hate speech or expletives.
  • Please do not contact the station or the advisors regarding your submission.

Poets for each week are selected by WCAI, with assistance from an advisory panel of published poets and editors. Final decision on what goes on air belongs solely to WCAI.


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