7-7-2015 4-34-14 PM
A new event is coming to New Bedford this August – the Hollihock Writers’ Conference (http://www.hollihock.org).

This is a project put together by the folks at Groundworks Creative Space (LLC), the same people who run the coworking space that’s been in the news this year (http://newbedfordcoworking.com/).

Dominic Perri, who is leading the project, shared with us the news that UMass Dartmouth’s College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Visual and Performing Arts is sponsoring the conference. It will be held at the CVPA building on Purchase Street in New Bedford from 8/21-8/23. They’re also planning an evening Lit Crawl at local businesses in the downtown area.

Through July 15th, Dominic is accepting proposals from people in the community who are interested in teaching classes and organizing panel discussions and readings. These are volunteer positions, but if you have a proposal accepted, you can attend all of the weekend’s events for free.

For more information, including a schedule, ticket pricing, and a list of some of the folks who’ve signed on so far, visit http://www.hollihock.org.

For a proposal form, or if you have any questions, please contact Dominic at dom@hollihock.org.


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