NOW running on New Bedford Cable Access Ch. 95 WEDNESDAYS 11 P.M. the Walt Whitman birthday reading at Seamen’s Bethel May 31, 2008

NOTE: Whaling City Review LIVE

will consist of special scheduled readings
at various venues in New Bedford
Please consult local papers and this site
or continued news, updates,
and poetry
events at many venues around New England.

from the poems, letters, and prose
of one of America’s most influential figures
Karen Andersen, Chase Berggrun, Lee Blake, James Bobrick, John Bonanni, Pam Bullard, Jim Butler, Maggie Cleveland, Noreen Cleffi, Nicholas Collins,
Amy Atkins, Lucian James Atkins Delisle, Mark Delisle, Joanie DiMartino, Ivonne Domange, Rhonda Fazio, Billy Finnegan, Stephen Fulchino, John Galloway, Jose Gouveia, Irene Gutierrez, Claudia Grace, Thomas Grace, Kevin Grant, Louise Habicht, Everett Hoagland, Preston Hood, Walter Howard, Caroline Knox, Joan Kellerman, John Landry, Ann Marie Lopes, Bob Maker, José Molina, Mwalim *7), Margaret Nairn, James Nee, Cora Peirce, Jack Powers, Laurie Robertson-Lorant, Gloria de Sa, Tom Sexton, José Soler, Niko Tarini, Ramon Tarini, Robert Waxler, Carol Weston, Colin Williams

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